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Mackinaw Lagoon

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

This is a place that I have been and can tell you that you et the creep vibes INSTANTLY. Do not get me wrong it is so so so beautiful. One of the prettiest places that I have had the pleasure of visiting in the Mitten State. But, unfortunately it wouldn't be Hank's Lore without a spooky tale to go with this beautiful place.

The Mackinaw Lagoon is also known as The Drowning Pool. And, unfortunately it is for a very good reason. And, quite frankly makes me quite ashamed of my state. Y'all are supposed to be smarter than this. But, once again I digress,

In the late 1700's and early 1800's seven women were not only accused of being a witch but were tried and "tested" for witch craft. During this time, one of the biggest ways to test a woman for witchcraft was to tie rocks to their hands and feet and then throw them into a body of water.

Here's the freakin kicker...ya may want to sit down for this one....


yepp you read that right. Rocks tied to their hands and feet....thrown in water...and expected to float. Cuz they were witches. And, if you did float you were hung. You are not getting out of being a witch - stop trying.

So, 7 woman in the Mackinaw area were accused of witchcraft. And, it was hella difficult to find a ton of information on names because not only did they practice barbaric and stupid witchcraft tests but they were also shit at record keeping. These woman were bound and thrown into the lagoon between Mission point and downtown Mackinaw. They all sank immediately and drowned. There is only a 20 foot drop where these woman met their demise.

Some of the woman experienced other tortures at the d4rowning pool if they did not admit their practicing of witchcraft. A few of the women were placed in a seat at the end of a pole - don't worry the pole was said to be sturdy...and then dunked into the water. Think a human seesaw. This was done over and over again.

At times if the woman did not immediately admit to their sins of being a witch they would be held under water until they admitted their guilt. The longer it took them to admit it the longer they were held under water. (i fell like obviously should be added there...)

But, don't worry if you did admit you were a witch. You got to go home....JUST FREAKING KIDDING. You got hung. So, go through all the torture. Admit t o something that is incredibly unlikely to be true in order to save your own life. To be hung. What a life...

The legends of the area say this spot is still heavily haunted . You can hear water splashing, see dark figures floating and there is a feeling of unease.

And, in the last few year there has been an influx of activity in this area. No one can really figure out the why either. But these woman are making their presence known. To the point that tourists have called the police because they KNOW they saw a woman floating and they are afraid that something terrible has happened. But, by the time anyone gets down to "save" the lives of these floating woman they have vanished.

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