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Let's go a different way

As we head into the Thanksgiving and Christmas season I thought I would go a little different way for this Hank's Lore. It's still going to be Michigan related. And, a lore-ish related. But, it's definitely not your spooky vibe that we usually go with. Maybe I will find a Thanksgiving ghost. A skeleton that loves mashed potatoes? Who knows.

But, I won't keep you waiting any longer.

Did you know Michigan has only been celebrating Thanksgiving since 1824? Which means that's roughly 200 years ago. We officially became a state in 1837. So, we became a state AFTER we celebrated Thanksgiving. For a little perspective, New England has been celebrating for roughly 400 years.

We are one of the only states to have celebrated this holiday before we actually became a state. And, we are one of the only states that the Native American's are split on celebrating the holiday. Some, choose to celebrate it as a way to connect with their families and chill. While others still refuse to acknowledge the holiday. Which do you blame them?

What are your Thanksgiving traditions?



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