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Lake Michigan Triangle

This area of lake is know as the Bermuda Triangle of Michigan. It is obviously not as popular as the Bermuda Triangle, but it is supposed to be JUST as creepy. It is a gateway to the paranormal, known to have multiple UFO sightings, a gateway to a parallel universe and the reason for the demise of multiple ships. Plus more....


This is a scalene triangle.

1st side: Connects Ludington to Benton Harbor

2nd side: Spans from Benton Harbor to Manitowoc, WI

3rd side: Manitowoc, WI back to Ludington

It takes up a large portion of Lake Michigan.

Le Griffon Incident

Happened in 1676

This was the largest sailing vessel of its time.

Looking to find passage from Chicago to China

All was good with the passage until Le Griffon hit the Lake Michigan Triangle - it hit the area of the triangle and then it disappeared. Some say that it just went under (sank) however, there is no evidence of wreckage. This is the same for the crew members on this vessel. They disappeared as well. The ship and crew are still missing - even to this day...

Weird things with the sky

The skies in the triangle are oddly cloudless. Ice-blocks are known to have just randomly fallen from the sky.

One ship in 1883 reported that ice blocks fell from the sky for a full 30 minutes. The skies were clear and blue. The ice just started falling out of the sky and it was so dense that it dented a wooden boat. There was no report of snow or cold weather at the time of this incident.

This is a common occurrence in the triangle.

The Disappearance of The Thomas Hume

This was a 3 masted schooner that sailed in 1891 . This schooner was sailing from Chicago to Muskegon. It never made it. It disappeared once hitting the triangle

There was a $300 reward offered for any information on the missing ship.

Part of a schooner was found in The Southern part of Lake Michigan, but it's identity hasn't been revealed as they are trying to link this to the Thomas Hume.

Home to the underwater American Stonehenge

This is home to the American version of the Stonehenge...but it's underwater. One of the boulders in this underwater structure has a mastodon on it. The mastodon has been extinct for like ever. So, the fact that this is found on a large boulder underwater in Lake Michigan is odd.

The exact location of this underwater structure has not been disclosed. The only thing that will be released is that it is in the Michigan Triangle. The exact location will not be released until all the research is done.

Single Ship Collision

A ship named Rosa Belle sailed in Lake Michigan in 1921. 11 members on board this ship disappeared. The boats remains were found floating within the triangle. It appeared that it had been in a collision, however no other ship reported this or was damaged.

It has yet to be discovered how a ship could get into a collision with nothing else in the water, and where the people aboard the ship could have gone.

Disappearance of Captain George R. Donner

Donner was guiding a ship named O.M. McFarland in 1937. This was going to Port Washington, WI. Captain Donner wanted to rest before they reached port so he headed to his cabin and made the crew aware to come get him before they reached their destination. The ship was reaching the port, and the crew went to get the captain as they were asked to. They knocked answer....they tried the door and it was locked from the inside. They had to break the door down, and the captain was missing. All of his belongings were there. He was just gone. Guess where this was...right in the triangle.

The Lost Northwest Orient Airlines Flight 2501

This was known as a deadly disaster.. Happened in 1950. 55 passengers and 3 crew members died or disappeared. This flight was going from New York to Minneapolis, and had to fly right over the Lake Michigan Triangle. Right before the flight vanished the captain had called dispatch and requested to descend to cruising altitude. They needed this as there was extreme turbulence. This permission could not be granted. So, they needed to stay at the altitude that they were at. The flight never reached its destination, nor did they ever find any wreckage.

Unexplained & Strange Appearances:

In 1919 multiple people saw unusually bright lights in the sky. While this was happening 2 large balls that looked like fire appeared to have fallen out of the sky and into the lake....but there was no real evidence of this in the lake.

From this time on there was also sightings of UFOs in this area.

Who knows what is happening there...but its spooky.


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