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It's been awhile..

So, it's been awhile. Life has gotten to me. Been getting crafty, working, kids, all the stuff. & I mean ALL OF THE STUFF.

And, because of this I figured I would write up a cryptid that felt like home to me. And, this is mostly because I love Bears, and anything to do with them. So, when i stumbled upon a cryptid that had a bear mixed in that was mean and evil (similar to ya girl Hank) I obviously wanted to know more about this. This cryptid is called a Waheela.

It is a wolf the size of a bear - holy big wolf - with an evil spirit. And, that is according to Native American Lore - and more than one tribe is said to have passed down stories of the Waheela. While typically this scary evil wolf bear beast keeps its home in northern Canada and Alaska; it has been spotted in northern Michigan. It is NOT to be confused with the Michigan Dog Man - these are 2 very different cryptids. With very different MO's. I don't think the Michigan Dog Man wants to eat your head. But, I guess I really don't know.

This beast is even blamed for the death of three trappers in the colonial-era. The story has been passed down that 3 trappers were savaged to death by a waheela. The waheela will rip the heads clean off of their victims. And, then eat the heads and leave the bodies behead to kind of show that it was there.

I think the scarier part is according to Native American Lore these Waheela's can manifest themselves to anywhere at anytime. And, this cryptid can just chomp off a person or animal's head in one simple bite. Just CHOMP and the whole head is gone.

Some of those who have said they have seen the Waheela have said the coats are grey or even snow white. It is described as very very large with wolf like features, but some bear like features as well. However, unlike wolves the Waheela is almost never found in packs. They seem to like to travel alone. The Native American legends have said that the Waheela's have supernatural strengths.

A picture of this cryptid supposedly caught on camera:

And, another one with the face showing

A Waheela footprint - notice the bear like claws

SO, my Hanklorian's what do you think? Have you seen this in your Northern Michigan Travels? Stay safe my friends - and don't pet the big ass dogs.



P.S. Please comment or leave a message on what story to do next - i need some fresh ideas!

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