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Hell’s Bridge – Elias Fisk

Disclaimer: There will be errors, or untruths in this post and most likely post 2.

How I heard the story:

When I was about 20 I was hanging out with an old friend from high school. One kid free weekend, we were hanging out and she asked if I had ever heard of Hell’s Bridge…Of course I hadn’t but I wanted to. So she told me….

“Back before Rockford was Rockford it was a small town. Everyone knew everyone. It was a friendly town, everyone looked out for everyone. Well, there was this gentleman that everyone knew and loved. And, most importantly, TRUSTED. This man’s name was Elias Fisk.

Well, one day all the town’s children went missing. All at once. And, no one could figure out what happened. So, the townspeople started searching. Screaming. Mom’s crying. The worst time imaginable. Well, Elias said “I know I will go look in the woods. You all stay here — go to the church and pray for the safe return of our precious children.” Not a single person batted an eye at this. They had been searching for a long while. And the power of prayer works, right?

Hours and hours go by and it is starting to become dark outside. The children nor Elias returns. These people are REALLY getting worried. Their beloved children and Elias are not back, and it gets cold in the dark. And, the children have got to be starving at this point as it has been hours since their disappeared. They did what any good parent would do, they headed for the woods.

They didn’t get very far into the woods when they starting seeing signs that the ending was not going to be a good one. Not one they had hoped for. There was a trail of blood. So, they began to follow this trail. And, then they heard it. Children crying. And hysterical laughing. That made them pick up their pace. They were all but running. Making sure to keep up with the trail. What they came upon next would haunt them – and this area for many many years.

Dead children laying around a tree. Some children strung to the tree with a rope that looked to have been tied around each child’s waist to lead them through the woods. Blood stained rope. The townspeople looked at the scene in front of them in pure horror. The women cried, and the men full of rage.

They finally got a hold of the man responsible. Elias Fisk. One woman screamed at him “Why? How could you do this?” His response was simple, yet powerful. “Demons, they weren’t safe.” After hearing this, the men grabbed Elias and the blood soaked rope and made a noose. They hung Elias from the very tree he tied the town’s children too.

Rumor has it, his body fell from the tree shortly after his death and they were unable to locate it. There is a bridge by where this tree is. Its a narrow metal bridge. And, now it is said if you go there after dark you can hear 1 of 3 things. 1. Children laughing 2. The terrorizing screams of those same children or, 3. Elias’ maniacal laughter.”

I have personally been to this bridge. Twice, actually. It was creepy. I heard noises but I cannot be sure that I know what the noises were. It honestly sounded like children’s feet to me. But, it was creepy as hell. But, I will be going back. I owe it to this very blog to go back and really pay attention.

Stay tuned for part 2…which will be other’s stories of the Hell’s Bridge

Part 3- Will be the facts. What’s the real story…?

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