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Dudgeon Swamp - Odds and Ends - & THE END

Fun Fact - There is a make-shift cemetery with gravestones for all of the Dudgeon family members and Doc's gravestone.

After the Dudgeon family died off the swamp land was used to dispose of bodies for the Mobsters in Grand Rapids.

There was a plane crash on the land, someone died. This was years later.

There was one more key player in the Dudgeon-Hodell Debacle:

Robert Bennett

Good Ole Robert was a hired hand by Fred Priest. (Lola Dudgeon's husband) And, then by Doc Hodell. Bennett was in & out of prison. He was accused of killing his entire family. He served 11 months in prison for this crime. But, was let out because there wasn't enough evidence for this. Bennett only knew Doc for a month before he was hired. He was familiar with the land because rumor had it his whole family was buried on the swamp. So, he needed to stay by to make sure that his family was never found.....

Another twist....Meda told the defense that Doc had confided in her that he had help bury a body of a young woman on the Dudgeon Swamp. He had also help dig this body up and move it so no one could find it. Meady said this was another reason Doc would have killed himself. He couldn't live with the guilt of helping cover up a murder of a young woman.



Floating Apparitions

Glowing eyes

Strange Noises

Car/Electronic Failure

Final Questions I have:

There are multiple stories about forgery.... Where does this come in?

Did Robert Bennett really kill his family? And, if so why did he only serve 11 months in prison for it?

How did Charles Dudgeon Die?

What about the plane crash?

What about the mobsters?


Lee Dudgeon

Alice Dudgeon

Dudgeon House

Romie and Meda House


Mlive Articles

(the link above has alot of pics and news articles too)

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