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Dudgeon’s Swamp : A little fact and maybe a little fiction

When starting to look up the facts of this swamp there a million hits. There is background, news articles and everyone’s ”what happened to me tale.” It was kind of awesome to start reading and really getting a feel of this swamp.

The first set of “facts” found on this were:

A family of murders


Family Fueds



It honestly wasn’t hard to start painting a picture of the happenings in this area. But, it was hard to match some of the stories that I was told about this swamp


Start of a timeline:

1902 - The Dudgeon Family moves to Michigan from Illinois

During this time the family starts acquiring land and even get the first vehicle in this area

1920 - Patriarch Charles Dungeon dies (under mysterious circumstances)

1920 - Meda Dungeon gives birth 2 differen times - these children were fathered by her brothers

1920- Meda’s children were taken to the barn. They were bludgeoned to death and burried in the swamp.

1921 - Meda marries Romie “Doc” Hoddell

1922 - Doc’s father murdered [by Meda]

1922- May of this year Doc is then murdered by Meda

1922 - Meda convicted of Doc & Doc’s Father (his name is David) Murder

1922- Meda’s mother Alice is also convicted of Murder - although only serves 1 year in prison

1949 - (August 1st) Meda is released from prison after serving 27 years

This is just the beginning of the story.

There is more to this tale:


Lynch mobs

numerous confessions


even more death


ghost stories

plane crashes

Theres more twists and turns coming.

Stay tuned

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