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Creepy Michigan Short Urban Legends

Wait, are they fun if they are creepy?

I guess the answer to that depends on the person that you are. I can't really answer that for you. I love all things creepy, spooky, murder-y, serial killer-y, and ghostly. Probably everything in between too.

So, I thought let's start a little creepy short urban Legend list. Maybe one a week. More if you are spooky enough. :)

A Child Buried Alive

What if your beloved child died? How would you handle this? What if they weren't all the way dead and you buried him/her? Well, this happened to a poor family in Jackson, MI. According to Legend (and said to be in some news articles) in 1892 a young girl named Mary died at the young age of 7. Her father, was a wealthy business man, and had her buried in Oaks Cemetery. It has been renamed since to Hillcrest Memorial Park.

Here's where it gets a little creepier...

It is said that days after poor little Mary's death her Mother began having realistic nightmares. These were SO REAL that she awoke screaming that her daughter was buried alive. The only way this poor woman could be calmed down was to actually exhumed little dead Mary's grave. What did they find?

Proof that Mary was in fact ALIVE when she was buried. There were scratch marks on the inside of the casket. This was evidence enough that Mary was trying to scratch her way out of this grave.

Now, people say they can here her crying and scratching. All these years later. While others say an angel or light are over her grave.

Who knows what is true? Or, if this really happened?

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