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Another Shorty...

So, over the years I have heard that Belding Library is haunted. Like super haunted. But, could never figure out why. I have asked so many people why they found this place to be haunted but never got a straight answer. Which is always great for Hank's Lore. Because it keeps the Lore of the place alive.

So here are a few of the things I could find.

The Library was built in 1917 in Belding, MI. Alvah N Belding named the library after his parents. He looked at this as a memorial of sorts for his parents. The building itself costed over $50,000 to build

The paranormal activity reported in this library doesn't really steam from anywhere. You'd think it'd come from Alvah or maybe his parents. But, it doesn't. The ghost most talked about is of a little girl. And where she came from no one knows. CRAZY.

This little girl is often seen in the children's section of the library. Many people who spend any time in the library feel as if they are being watched. Some local paranormal researchers went and investigated the library and they said they picked up an EVP of a little girl voice saying "help" multiple times. Which again is crazy, because there are absolutely no records of anyone dying within the walls of the library.

So, my little Hanklorians, what do you think? Have you been to this library?



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I always got an weird feeling in the basement area of the library. Never saw or heard anything, just a feeling!


Chell Newland
Chell Newland
Jul 29, 2022

When you were little you used to talk to the ghost at the Belding library. We used to go there often.

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