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Another Michigan word

I haven't done a Mitten Mini in a while. So I figured I would explain a word that is really a Michigan word. It is one of those if ya know ya know thing. If you are from Michigan you will know what this is. And, there is another commonly known word that is used along side it.

Today's Michigan Word of the day is Yooper. Said like A yooper is someone who lives in the upper peninsula. If you do the google "define: yooper;' this is the definition you will get : a native or inhabitant of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Where did the term Yooper come from?

This word comes from the nickname of the Upper Peninsula. The nickname is UP. So, if you say that as a word and not as the letters & of course add an ER you get Yooper. And, the Yoopers take this lifestyle VERY seriously.

If you are not a Yooper and live in the lower peninsula you kind of have the crap end of the stick. You are referred to as a Troll. Yes, you did read that right.

The Yooper's get a cool name, and the rest of us get a name like Troll.

But the reason for troll actually kind of makes sense. You live UNDER the bridge.

Unfortunately that makes sense.

There are even more slang terms of Michiganders that resonate with both the Yoopers and the trolls. Have you ever heard the term fudgie? A fudgie is someone who travels up north to get fudge. AND LET ME TELL YOU. Up north fudge is better than any other fudge you will ever try. I also, personally think this is true about UP jerky. Seriously get some if you are ever up that way.

And, another weird Michigan way of speak is to say "the" in front of things - I guess people who are not native MIchiganders are not accustomed to us says things like "I am going to the moives." or "we are going to the bar." I guess in other places you would say the actual bars name. That just is weird to me. We are just going to the bar - who cares which one.

Welllll. That's it for now. What Michigan words do you know?



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