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A Start to my Idea (or as I like to call them idears):

Every culture, society, state, city, county and even family tells tales of the supernatural. Or, a true story that morphs into the supernatural. Always aiming to frighten the youth. Scary stories or stories passed down from generation to generation. There are always little changes, things that make them relevant for the time that they are being told in. I know a few of the stories myself. But, I know the version that I was told. Not the version that actual happened, IF it actually happened.

Michigan has so much history and culture. It contains a little of everyone. A little of everything. From scary stories to delicious foods. Great vacation spots, and hidden gems. But, the Lore of Michigan. The campfire stories of Michigan; it is something that has always fascinated me. Something that made me want to learn more about the state I call my own.

What happens when you break down the campfire stories of Michigan? Is there truth to any of it? Well, I aim to find out. I aim to look and search to find the truth behind Michigan’s scary stories.

Getting Started:

I was looking for an “easy” way to start looking for information. What stories do we know? What stories do multiple people know? How do their variations change from each other? So, I went to the place I knew would get me the most information quickly. Facebook. A simple post of: “So FB Friends. I need a favor…if you are from Michigan and know any Michgander lore, ghost stories or anything of the kinds. Please comment them below. Thanks!”

I didn’t get a ton of responses but I did get some. I also had people post articles of Michigan’s “most haunted” places. Which wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. I still read it. I still wanted to know why they were considered haunted. But, I did get other responses.

The Responses

Dogman Hell’s Bridge Pumpkin Heads (also known as Melon Heads) Paulding Lights

Lets see where any of these, and many more take us

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