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A Shorty for ya

This one I just find funny...and maybe makes Michiganders look a little dumb and... judgmental?

Back during the logging days up in the UP people claimed they saw an ogre or a smallish monster. This creature was spotted mostly along the Seney Stretch...and that it itself is crazy because there ain't nothin in that stretch. It's a long stretch of highway with nothin' on it.

But, after people got to talking about they figured out they were not talking about any creature at all. They were actually talking about a man. A man that lived in the area. These people were all describing a MAN WHO LIVED IN THE AREA.

A man named P,K. "Snapjaw" Small lived in Seney and was an odd ball. He has been called “The Ogre of Seney” for his boisterousness and lack of common sense. And, because people mistook him for a monster.

Snapjaw would do anything for his whisky money. And from what I could find, I mean anything. Some of the things that stood out were:

  • Bite heads of small animals

  • Stick his head in used spittoons' for minutes at a time

  • Eat horse manure

  • Anything requested

This man would do anything for money. He loved his whiskey!

Another weird thing that i read that I couldn't stop re-reading and really made me go huh...was it is said that Snapjaw's nose was bitten off by Michigan's own dogman. He then got the nose back and sewed back on. Or, he got it sewed back on. And, it isn't sewed back on in a very pretty way.

Snapjaw is completely known for his bizarre ways. And, people would pay him to do weird shit. Michigan really is a weird place.

What do you think my Hanklorians? Could this dude be real?

Let me know!



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