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A Mini - Avalon

This is a story near and dear to my heart. It's one that I have been told my whole life. I have told my kids. My dad was told by his dad. And, so on. It is probably my favorite story ever. And, I know where it is...been there a million times. Which makes it all better.

Back in the 50's maybe even a little earlier (Shoot, maybe a little later) there was a roller rink on Avalon road in Greenville, Mi. Behind this Roller Rink there was a field. And, in this field people would drag race. Well one night two badass dudes decided they would race. And one of the guys girl friends would start them off and she would also be the finish line. So they'd start at one end turn around and when they made it back to her the first one back wins. Right? Easy..peasy...RIGHT? Wrong.... They make it back to her and crash. And decapitate this teenage girl.. and killed her.

Here comes the ghosty part....

It is said that on a full moon, or when it is foggy out...if you drive down Avalon road you can see a headless girl wondering around the field looking for a necklace that she wore around her neck.


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