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A little preview...if you will

So, starting this off I have learned that there is a lot of people that know a lot of things that are “creepy”

My husband and I went camping with my cousins and learned that Dale knew stuff. Stories, and everything in between. It was fascinating to hear! But, it was also super inspiring. Then my husband, Josh, gave me a wonderfully good idea. Start a segment called “The Untold Stories: The Dale Tales”

And, quite frankly I couldn’t have agreed more. So this is really closer to the tales of White Cloud as that’s where Dale is from and his family has been for yearsThe first story he told me was about a place called Dundgeon’s Swamp. So, I did what any person interested in scary stuff would do..I googled it. The first line was something along the lines of “Murder, Forgery, and Incest.” CAN YOU SAY WHATTT?

So I will leave you here and stay tuned because this isn’t going any way that I thought it would. Which is better than I ever thought it would be.

There will be a full post of Dudgeon's Swamp

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